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Friday, August 26, 2016

Defining the Alt Right

Hillary Clinton and the mainstream news media have started a full-scale attack on the Alt-right. Decades ago, conservatism was defined to them by the Cold War, and by National Review.

Those days are long gone, and new issues face America today.

PBS TV tries to define the Alt-right:
DAVID WEIGEL, The Washington Post: Well, it’s a fairly young movement with fairly old ideas.

I would say what they’re against, which is easier to define, is a philosophy of invite the world, invade the world. ...

JOHN YANG: You talk about the days of William F. Buckley, when he was sort of the one who said who was a conservative.
Yes, conservatives are now split. The Bush faction subscribes to a philosophy of "invite the world, invade the world." The Trump faction rejects that, and demands that American policies support American interests first.

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