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Monday, August 01, 2016

Erasing Gender in the Military?

Most Americans may not know that the Obama administration unilaterally decided to make military women eligible for ground combat units in the infantry and Special Forces. Our nation has never allowed the assignment of women to units whose mission is to seek out, engage, and kill the enemy, and no other country - not even Israel - does so today. Although women have not yet been assigned to these combat roles, the official change in policy has already raised the risks for military women who serve honorably in non-combat roles.

The U.S. Marine Corps’ gender integration study, which is the most comprehensive research ever conducted on this issue, reported last September that all-male combat teams outperformed mixed-gender teams on a wide variety of measures of speed, endurance, negotiating obstacles, and evacuation of casualties. The female Marines experienced injuries at twice the rate of male Marines. Relying on this study to prove that mixed-gender units are less effective, the Marine Corps requested permission to keep some combat roles male-only. Obama’s Secretary of Defense not only denied that reasonable request, but ordered the Marines to undergo training to erase “unconscious bias” and clamp down on potential misgivings about women in combat.

This move has opened the door for women to be drafted into service as combat troops in a future war. From 1940-1973, the Selective Service System drafted young men into the armed forces; that’s how we got combat troops for World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Since 1980 all young men age 18-26 have been required to register with Selective Service for a potential future draft. Everyone knows that the President is the commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces. But our Constitution gives Congress the power “to make rules for the regulation of land and naval forces.” Tomorrow we’ll discuss what Congress is doing on this issue.

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