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Monday, August 29, 2016

Learning From Tragedy

The Orlando shooting which resulted in the deaths of 49 innocent people was the largest mass shooting in American history. This tragic loss of life has many Americans wondering what must be done to stop the trend of violence. People have to understand what motivated Omar Mateen to carry out this attack. Unfortunately, the Left is only concerned with maintaining their political agenda. They are willing to do anything to keep people from acknowledging that Omar Mateen was acting on behalf of radical Islam.

Planned Parenthood said “Islam doesn’t foment the violence alleged gunman Omar Mateen enacted, toxic masculinity and a global culture of imperialist homophobia does.” This statement shows how willfully ignorant the liberals are. Mateen’s violent hatred of women, homosexuals, and minorities is a characteristic of radical Islam. We cannot address the terrorism issue without identifying what causes it. The Orlando shooting was an act of radical Islamic terrorism. Mateen said so himself by pledging allegiance to ISIS while carrying out the attack. However, President Obama and the Left refuse to acknowledge the role of radical Islam. They would rather blame the attack on guns and gun activists. Their solution is to ban guns like the AR-15, which was not even used in the attack.

Acknowledging the role of radical Islam is the first step to dealing with mass terrorist shootings. The United States needs to stop bringing in so many Muslim immigrants like Mateen’s parents until we know how to handle them. Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants is the best solution for the danger that we face. A Hillary Clinton presidency will leave America vulnerable to more deadly attack from Islamic radicals. We need a Commander-In-Chief who will call out the enemy by name and confront them with the full force of America’s strength. We need a president who will take seriously the issue of radical Islamic terrorism.

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