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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Platform Fight Brewing on Immigration

The Republican kingmakers have already convened 10 closed-door meetings with big-business lobbyists to discuss the Republican Party’s platform for 2016. Attendees were warned not to discuss details with the press, but you can bet that building a wall is not on their agenda. The big-business lobbyists at the Chamber of Commerce are very alarmed about Trump’s promise to “discourage companies from moving jobs outside the United States.” One participant said his colleagues are “aghast” at Trump’s proposals to protect Americans against cheating by our so-called “trading partners.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, meanwhile, has been developing his own agenda for Republicans in an effort to compete with Trump’s. Under the slogan “A Better Way,” Ryan’s proposals include favorite talking points such as cutting taxes, entitlements, and regulations – but nothing about limiting immigration or the hemorrhage of jobs to foreign countries. The Ryan agenda is basically what Jeb Bush and 15 other failed presidential candidates campaigned on, but those ideas obviously didn’t sell to the Republican electorate. The voters have spoken, and the future of the Republican Party starts with a wall along our southern border. Even some members of the Republican National Committee are resisting a wall. One RNC member called the wall “a symbolic thing” rather than “a physical thing,” while another said the border wall is not to be taken “literally” because “it is a metaphor.” A border wall certainly will be a powerful symbol, but only if it is actually built.

Even the Chamber of Commerce, though they oppose a wall, has provided estimates that a border wall would cost between $15 and $25 billion to build. That is pennies compared to the at least $15 billion per year that criminal justice departments spend to process and incarcerate illegal aliens.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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