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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Recruitment By Radicals Is A Problem

Radical Islamic groups are targeting American young people more than ever before. Groups like ISIS are using the internet to reach out to teenagers and convert them to ISIS. The Federal Bureau of Investigation recognizes this as a serious problem. They set up a website and printed a written guide to educate young people on the dangers of violent extremism. However, some liberals spoke out against the materials for not being politically correct. The Council on American-Islamic Relations insisted on changes that eliminated references to the Islamic religion. They claimed the programs would lead to Muslim students being bullied or profiled. The FBI took down the materials and removed any reference to Islam. They left references to other groups, like ecoterrorists, white supremacy groups, and anti-government groups.

Young people must be informed about all of the radical groups trying to recruit them. Radical Islam is a problem that should not be ignored for the sake of political correctness. Islamic terrorists find students on social media and convince them to join their cause. Some young people seduced by Islam have attacked Americans on American soil. One student from the University of California stabbed four people last year in the name of Islam. The Department of Justice said that he had “self-radicalized and drawn inspiration from terrorist propaganda.” In another case, three teenage girls from Denver tried to run away to join ISIS. The parents had no idea that their daughters were being radicalized, but police found that they had been visiting websites where extremists discuss how to get to Syria.

There is no doubt that recruitment efforts from radical Islam is a serious problem in the United States. The FBI should not give in to liberal groups who are worried about political correctness. Young people need to know how dangerous radical Islam can be.

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