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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Supreme Defeat for Obama on Immigration

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a spectacular defeat to illegal immigration and the Obama Administration, in the case of United States v. Texas. Led by Texas, 26 states had obtained a nationwide injunction to block the scheme by Obama for five million illegal aliens to stay and work here. This Supreme Court ruling kept the injunction against Obama and the illegal aliens in place.

Obama's program would have allowed five million illegal aliens to remain in our country and take jobs away from Americans. A courageous federal judge in Brownsville, Texas, had issued an injunction against Obama to prevent his unlawful program from taking effect, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld his ruling. Liberals were confident they would win this case on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The tragic loss of Justice Scalia from the High Court has weakened our side on this issue. Many business and church groups, along with nearly 200 members of Congress, ended up on the wrong side. Yet to the astonishment of liberals, the Supreme Court delivered a stinging setback to the Obama Administration and its plan to fundamentally change America through illegal immigration. Obama’s scheme to add millions of new people to the Democratic Party in the form of illegal immigration will continue to be blocked thanks to the 4-4 ruling by the High Court, which leaves conservative decisions on this issue in effect.

As Ann Coulter has pointed out, if illegal immigration is not halted soon, then we will lose our country as we know it. Fortunately, four Supreme Court Justices have stood up against illegal immigration and the Obama Administration, and allowed the Rule of Law against illegal aliens to remain in effect.

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