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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Left Doesn’t Know American Values

President Obama’s Justice Department has given us more proof that it is out of touch with American values. Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta claimed that restricting men from women’s bathrooms violates “the values that define us as a people.” She cited last year’s decision on gay marriage as evidence of these “values.” However, Gupta is setting a trap that many liberals use. She is trying to convince the American people that the Supreme Court represents the values of our nation as a whole. That is simply not true. The Supreme Court is a body of unelected lawyers who are not bound by the will of the people. The Founding Fathers never intended for the Supreme Court to be able to pass laws from the bench on behalf of Americans. That power is given to the elected legislators.

The driving force behind the transgender bathroom issue has been the Obama Administration, not the legislators. President Obama used an executive order to threaten schools that do not follow the transgender agenda. Congress could not have passed such a measure because their voters would not have allowed it. The retail chain Target learned this the hard way. They took a massive loss in profits after being among the first to implement a transgender bathroom policy.

Most Americans are able to use common sense on the transgender bathroom issue. Ignoring biological sexes means ignoring reality. Men should not be in bathrooms and locker rooms with women and girls. Americans know that the safety and privacy concerns of women and girls outweigh the demands of a few confused people. Assistant AG Gupta should know that the Obama Administration does not get to decide what American values are. American values come from the people, not the politically correct agenda of the Left. By making up imaginary American values, the Obama Administration shows how out of touch with reality they truly are.

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