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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why We Need A Tough President

It is becoming clearer than ever that the United States needs a president who will be tough on the issue of immigration. It is always American citizens who pay the price when the Administration does not take immigration seriously. That was the case for Casey Chadwick. She was stabbed to death in her apartment last year by an illegal Haitian immigrant named Jean Jacques. A report released by the Inspector General showed what led to her tragic death. Immigration and Customs Enforcement should have deported Jacques long before the murder of Chadwick ever occurred. Jacques entered the US illegally in 1992. He served 15 years in prison for attempted murder. He was later jailed again for violating his parole. Clearly, Jacques did not belong on American soil.

ICE is not the only agency at fault in this failure. The DHS reported that ICE tried to deport Jacques 3 times. Each time Haiti refused to take back their own citizen. Haiti did not want to deal with their criminals, so they sent the criminals to us. That is why America needs a president who will make immigration a priority. The president and his State Department has the ability to threaten sanctions against nations who will not take back their own criminals. These threats have been successful in the past.

This report from the Inspector General should serve as a warning on America’s most pressing campaign issue. Immigration is not just an issue of policy. Immigration is an issue of public safety. Americans should be able to sleep at night without fear of attack by violent criminal illegal aliens. Trump is the only presidential candidate who understands the immigration issue and how to solve it. Trump has the boldness and willpower to make countries take back their criminals. That is the kind of boldness and willpower that we need in the oval office to handle immigration policy.

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