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Friday, September 16, 2016

After-School Satan Clubs

Each new school year brings shocking new developments in our public schools, and parents need to be aware of them. As reported by the Washington Post, this fall a new movement attempts to establish Satanic clubs in public elementary schools. The Satanic Temple, which has already attracted national attention by erecting a 2,000-pound, 9-foot statue of an idol in Detroit, is applying to establish an “After School Satan Club” at multiple public elementary schools around our country. They have a website and activist leaders in many states.

Some public school teachers have offered to sponsor these clubs, and applications have already been filed with school officials in some very prestigious school districts such as one in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which borders D.C. These satanic clubs are first being introduced in schools that already have an existing Christian club called the Good News Club. The U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the Equal Access Act to establish the right of Christian clubs to exist as part of after-school programs in public schools, but the Good News Club is in only about 5% of our Nation’s public elementary schools. Other requirements, such as the need for a faculty sponsor, limit the ability to establish Christian clubs in many public schools. The same legal precedents that require public schools to allow Christian clubs also compel those schools to allow creation of these Satanic clubs.

While it would be surprising if large numbers of students signed up for a Satanic after-school club, the effect may be to cause censorship of all Christian activities in order to allow exclusion of the Satanic promotional efforts. For example, public meetings in an Arizona town were traditionally begun with a Christian prayer, but as soon as the Satanic Temple tried to open a meeting with its own invocation, the town instead abolished all prayers, including Christian ones, for opening the meeting. Public schools today are certainly not what they used to be.

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