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Monday, September 19, 2016

Differing Ideas Of Border Security

Donald Trump has offered a bold vision for our country’s border security. His promise to “build the wall” has been one of the highlights of his campaign. He realizes that illegal immigrants pose a serious threat to American safety, culture, and economy. However, President Obama’s solution to stop illegal immigration is to let more people come into the country legally and without proper screening.

White House Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope announced that the administration is going to start accepting more refugees from dangerous countries like Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They are loosening restrictions on the dangerous practice of chain migration. Pope claims that these programs are supposed to "promote safe and orderly immigration and border security." In reality, this move shows that Democrats have no idea how to protect American citizens. Letting more immigrants come legally will not solve our illegal immigration problem. Violent illegals with gang affiliations or even terrorist ties will still come across our southern border under Obama’s approach.

The only way to have a truly secure border is to take the common sense suggestion of Donald Trump. We must build an effective wall along our southern border and increase the number of border patrol officers on the ground. We must also give the border patrol the tools that they need to do their job effectively. When illegal immigrants are captured, they should not be released onto American streets. They should be deported back to their own country. Donald Trump recognized that immigration is a major problem facing America, and made it a major issue this election cycle. We must demand action on immigration for the safety and wellbeing of our next generation.

*recorded August 2016

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