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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Parents Overruled in California

Every year parents are shocked by what their children are taught in public schools. Many high school students have been misinformed about our Constitution and Founding Fathers. Liberal educators have been known to omit important topics to suit their own agenda. However, California parents are more worried about what will not be omitted in the classroom this fall. The California Board of Education has approved curriculum changes that will highlight so-called “LGBT history.” What’s even more shocking is these lessons will start as early as the second grade.

Public schools should not be places where liberals can indoctrinate young people with their personal biases. Schools should be where young people are given the tools that they need to form their own opinions on the issues. Political correctness leaves room for only one side to be presented. Parents should not trust educators who claim that schools can teach the LGBT agenda without cutting other important things. Those same educators also claim there is no time to study our U.S. Constitution.

The biggest problem of this California curriculum change is that it removes power from parents. Mothers and fathers should be the ones to decide when children can learn about these issues, and most parents would agree that second grade is far too young. Parents should have the right to make decisions about their child’s education. Unfortunately, liberal activists do not care about the rights of parents or children. This is only one example of how the radical gay-rights movement ultimately wants to undermine the American family. The traditional family unit is the foundation of American society, and should be supported in every way possible.

*recorded August 2016

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

Children should be aware of the differences in the American family structure. Discussions do not need to incorporate the intimate nature of relationships but should inform young persons that classmates and friends may come from families different than their own. Keep the conversation simple and honest.

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