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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Party Platforms Offer a Stark Choice in November

The Republican and Democratic parties adopted new platforms at their conventions in July, and they present two fundamentally different plans for America. Never before in our lifetimes have the two platforms been so different. With the Supreme Court seat of Justice Antonin Scalia at stake this November, the Democrats quickly named their top priority. They promise to appoint judges who will “protect” the abortion industry, not just on the Supreme Court but across all federal benches. Instead, the GOP Platform explains: “Only a Republican president will appoint judges who respect the rule of law expressed within the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.”

The GOP platform also calls for “rebuilding the U.S. military into the strongest on earth, with vast superiority over any other nation or group of nations in the world.” The Democrats’ platform does not mention “military superiority” or even “American exceptionalism”! Instead, it blames Americans for a “recent uptick in Islamophobia.”

More than a quarter of the Republican platform is devoted to a section called “America Resurgent,” which sets forth the necessary steps to restore peace through strength while listening to “the wisdom of President George Washington’s warning to avoid foreign entanglements and unnecessary alliances.” The Democratic platform seeks to tangle the United States in a “global network of alliances.”

Republicans also support women’s “exemption from direct ground combat units and infantry battalions” and “reject the use of the military as a platform for social experimentation.” Conversely, Democrats say “We are proud of the opening of combat positions to women. Our military is strongest when people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are honored.”

The sharp contrast between these two platforms leaves no doubt about which party should receive your vote in November.

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