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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump convinced him of the evils of globalization

There are people who claim to be conservatives, but who have knee-jerk liberal opinions on lots of issues.

One of the most straightforward issues should be: Should the American President put America and American citizens first?

To paleo-conservatives and the Alt-Right, the answer is so self-evidently YES that the issue hardly merits any discussion. To today's elites, the answer is NO pretty much without thinking.

More than anything else, Donald Trump is hated for being pro-American.

Here is a Trump hater with conservative tendencies, but who is only being gradually convinced by Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:
Bestselling author and famed political scientist Charles Murray announced his support for a moratorium on low-skilled immigration to the United States ...

“The thing that has gotten to me over the course of this year… has been the idea, the very simple idea, that the citizens of a nation owe something to each other that is over and above our general obligations to our fellow human beings. That there is a sense that we should take care of our own, our own in this case being Americans.”

Murray said he used to reject that way of thinking “pretty much without thinking.” He saw globalization as an undeniable good for all involved and immigration as good for a nation’s economy. But the research, such as that conducted by Richwine and Wax, along with Trump’s campaign have changed his mind on the subject. ...

“We need to reconstruct an American society in which people are proud of being part of one brotherhood/sisterhood in the United States. Of a kind that was never perfect in this country, but, by God, we got a lot closer to it than any other society,” he explained in why it was necessary to start rethinking immigration policy.
He is 72 years old, but giving him credit for starting to come around to the view that American policy should favor Americans.

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