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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary’s Pro-Abortion Agenda

Hillary Clinton is doubling down on her pro-abortion agenda as the presidential race continues. She openly defends the Democrat party platform, which says “We will continue to oppose—and seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion.” This stance is totally contrary to modern science and the will of the American people. More people than ever are looking to modern technology like the ultrasound and DNA research to prove that unborn children are unique people. The Democrats are on the side of the dinosaurs on this important issue of life. However, that will not stop Hillary Clinton from imposing her pro-abortion agenda on our nation if she is elected in November.

Conservatives cannot allow this terrible agenda into the White House. Laws that restrict abortion reflect the values that most Americans hold. One of the laws that Hillary wants to eliminate is the Hyde Amendment. This amendment severely restricts taxpayer funds from being used for abortions. The Hyde Amendment is a common sense compromise that prevents people like you and me from being forced to pay for something we fundamentally oppose. The Hyde Amendment governs the use of 50 million dollars of taxpayer funds every year. Clearly, it is a vital policy statement declaring that United States citizens have the right not to fund practices that they consider to be morally wrong.

Many laws that Democrats claim “impede a woman’s access to abortion” are actually meant to protect the woman’s physical and emotional health. Some laws that limit abortion require abortion facilities to be sanitary and safe. Other laws that restrict abortion require abortionists to be properly credentialed to perform the procedure. Unfortunately, Democrats like Hillary Clinton do not care about the health and wellbeing of women. They’re only concerned with advancing their liberal political agenda. Voters need to keep that in mind when they go to vote. Democrats who hold to the platform of their party cannot be trusted to protect the lives of the unborn.

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