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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More on Trump’s Visit to Mexico

As we discussed yesterday, Trump’s visit to Mexico in August very much reminds us of Reagan’s trip to Geneva in the 1980s. At both meetings, there was one signature position on which the American refused to budge.

Reagan’s no-surrender pledge was his unwavering commitment to the Strategic Defense Initiative, that is, to build and deploy a system to shoot down nuclear missiles headed for our cities. With Trump, it’s his promise to build a wall on our southern border. Both Reagan’s and Trump’s signature ideas were purely defensive weapons to which no country could have any legitimate complaint. Reagan’s SDI was a non-nuclear weapon whose only function was to destroy or deflect incoming nuclear missiles.

Reagan stuck to that non-negotiable position at the summit with Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland. Likewise, Donald Trump’s wall is not a provocative, but a neighborly idea to stop the rampant illegality that harms both nations along the U.S.-Mexico border. With no legitimate objection to erecting a fence, wall, or other physical barrier between our two countries, Mexico should be grateful for Trump’s leadership and even agree to help pay for it.

The value of a wall begins with stopping violent criminals from freely entering and re-entering our country with impunity, but it doesn’t stop there. Felony assault by motor vehicle is another deadly crime that seems to be rampant by illegal aliens driving recklessly without the licenses or insurance that law-abiding Americans take for granted. The wall would also stop the plague of heroin that has exploded during the last few years of the Obama administration. Deaths from heroin overdoses surpassed deaths from car crashes last year and will hit a new record this year. Most U.S. heroin is delivered by Mexicans working for the drug cartels.

Voters finally have the opportunity to choose a president who will put America first by securing our border and ending one-sided trade deals that favor foreign workers over our own.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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