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Monday, October 03, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, 1924-2016

By now many of you may have heard – On September 5th in the afternoon, Phyllis Schlafly went home to her Maker peacefully, surrounded by her family at her home in St. Louis. She was with us for a wonderful 92 years, and active in politics for more than 70 of those years. It is difficult to identify any issue that she wasn’t on the right side of, typically years or even decades before others rallied beside her.

She wrote or spoke out on nearly every controversial American political matter, and the conservative movement today is based largely on work that she did five, ten, twenty, and even sixty years ago. Though we grieve her passing, she leaves us with a legacy that will take us our own lifetimes to fully appreciate. In 1964, Phyllis shot to national recognition with the writing of her first and bestselling book A Choice Not An Echo. She exposed to the public a political system that was rigged by big donors and power brokers she called the “kingmakers.”

Donald Trump, in his eulogy at her funeral, observed that Phyllis has shaped American politics for more than one-quarter of our country’s entire existence. “With Phyllis, it was always America first,” Trump said.

Phyllis anticipated and led on so many political issues that it would require another book just to list them. Her montly Phyllis Schlafly Report, now in its 50th year, is quite possibly the longest continuing political newsletter in history, and its inaugural edition discussed the importance of our Panama Canal a full decade before it became a hot issue that propelled Ronald Reagan to his successful campaign for president.

In defeating the Equal Rights Amendment, the work for which Phyllis is most famous, she took an initially unpopular stance years before others joined her. Her successful STOP ERA effort did more to define the conservative movement today than any other struggle.

Phyllis never stopped writing, speaking, and organizing. The very day after her passing on September 5th, the anniversary of Mother Teresa's death, Phyllis's 27th book was released: The Conservative Case for Trump.

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