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Friday, October 07, 2016

Political Correctness Kills

Ivanka Trump said this year of her father that he’s “Not politically correct, he says what he means and he means what he says, and I think that’s the way the American people are.” Well, the data says that she’s right. Polls consistently show that upwards of 80% of Americans believe that political correctness is a serious problem that’s crippling the nation. For liberals, political correctness has become one of the most important ways they advance their agenda – simply dismissing their opponents as bigots. All too often, conservatives play along with this game, and let the left dictate the terms of debate. That’s why Republican electoral victories don’t often lead to conservative policy victories. Perhaps the American people have finally found their candidate for president who cuts through the fog of political correctness.

On college campuses today, freedom of speech and thought are practically endangered species. “Safe spaces” and “free speech zones” now dominate students’ attention – not the exchange of ideas. Small business owners now must defend their First Amendment rights to religious liberty and free expression. And don’t you dare criticize radical Islamic extremists! Nowhere is the suicidal nature of political correctness more glaring than in the case of Islam. America and the civilized world are under attack from a radicalized ideology, but the Obama administration refuses to confront this fact or even utter the words “Islamic extremism.”

Donald Trump is famously politically incorrect – and is not one to let his voice be stifled. Conservatives could learn some truth-telling from Trump’s style on a wide variety of issues where the Left is trying to silence us. The rise of Donald Trump and the era of straight-talk has stirred up a hornet’s nest about the perceived decline of civility in politics. But this chatter just shows ignorance about just how rough-and-tumble the American political arena is. Pick up a copy of Phyllis Sclhafly’s 27th book! The Conservative Case for Trump will give you a bold look into the political thinking of Phyllis Schlafly and the reasons behind her pick for President.

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